Jessie Reyes Portfolio.


Check out CLICKBAIT, the play I’ve been working on since May.
We just shot a promotional video for our indiegogo campaign:
(via CLICKBAIT: An Immersive Theatre Experience | Indiegogo)
Nimesh Patel
Scumbag Jess
A little photoshop exercise based on the Scumbag Steve meme.
Star Trek Skateboard by Jessie Reyes
The Ballad of the Black Box is finally available for purchase! (
This graphic novel anthology features our final works from the spring 2011 class “Graphic Novel”.
I designed the front and back covers.
You can download and read the entire comic for FREE here.
Tyops are funnt. by Jessie Reyes
This is an idea for a t-shirt I came up with a long time ago.
Thanks to the Internet and Society6, it really IS a shirt now!
One of my drawings, Rings in the Sky 2 got accepted for H&M’s tshirt design contest.
You can still vote for it by clicking.